I’m Tired


Whew! It was a long week. My mom’s brother and his wife came for a visit. They live in the city back east and don’t get to see country life very often. They love dogs.  Good thing because I wouldn’t leave them alone.

I had to show them around the place and make sure they had a good time. I was so busy grabbing their socks and bringing them toys that I forgot to post the DailyBark. Sorry about that.

Mom warned them about me swiping laundry. Ha! I got plenty of laundry, shoes too. Tess and I put on a good show for them. We did our mouth game with Tess making all sorts of horrible sounds. That got Jack to doing his deaf dog bark. Pretty soon it was chaos as usual.

I could tell they had fun. They kept saying “No, no Asher!” That’s a sign they were paying attention to me. Tess curled up on the couch with the wife. Jack just kept wandering in and out wondering what to do with himself. I pestered my mom so bad she had to play long ball with me six times one day.

I was really sorry to see them leave, but I was getting kinda tired. It’s hard to be the entertainer. I slept most of yesterday. Didn’t play ball once. I know they’ll miss me. They will, won’t they? Gotta run.

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