Nap Time

The Ball

Our friends came over for a visit. They really like me. Especially my pal Art. He usually plays ball with me and gives me treats.

But it was a rainy day, there was food and wine and the next thing I know Art wants to take a nap in the chair. The picture isn’t real clear, but if you look closely you will see his eyes are closed.

So how does that work? We’re supposed to be playing ball and he’s got his eyes closed? Not for long! I quietly dropped the ball between his legs. I heard people giggle. Art seemed to know everyone was staring at him. Without opening his eyes he reached down and tossed me the ball.

He shouldn’t have done that if he wanted to nap. Now I knew exactly where to put the ball. Oh, I had to be patient. Sometimes I think he really did fall asleep for a few moments. If I had to wait too long, I nudged the ball higher in the chair. Sure enough, he’d reach down and toss it to me. That got everyone to laughing and finally Art gave up on his nap.

This whole nap thing was a good lesson. If you’re patient and keep trying, you can usually get people to do what you want. I learned that as a pup. Just keep putting the ball in front of your pitcher and eventually the ball will fly. Think about it. Gotta run.

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