The Young Asher

From the time I was a pup, I loved my toys. My birth mom made me a neat rope of tangled fabric. I dragged it around everywhere. I got to take it with me when my real mom came to get me.

When I was a little older some friends gave me this cool pink stuffie. It didn’t last long, but I sure enjoyed it.

There have been so many toys: hippos, hedgehogs, soft soccer balls, an elephant, fake sausages. I can’t even remember them all.

So when Tess came to live with us I could hardly believe she didn’t know how to play with a toy. I started working with her right away. I’d walk up to her and shove a stuffie in her face. I kept messin with her until she grabbed it. Tess hasn’t learned to love toys the way I do, but at least she’ll play with me if I bug her enough.

Poor Jack is hopeless. I even gave him my special fox to play with, but he just looked at it and turned away. Once when he was sleeping I put it by his head, but he didn’t even notice.

Jack and the Fox

I guess you gotta learn to play when you’re a pup. Your people have to give you toys and show some interest in you. Maybe Jack and Tess never had any toys when they were little. I think Jack is a lost cause as far as toys go, but I’m still workin on Tess. In fact, here she is now. Gotta run!

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