We’re Sad

May 5, 2010

Last Sunday we had another dog party. Our friends brought King and Julia to play. Julia is a greyhound. She was born to race but our friends rescued her and now she has a great life. King was rescued too. They’re best friends. Here’s a neat picture of Julia that her mom took.


Jack was really happy to see Julia again. The first time she came to see us Jack fell in love with her and wouldn’t leave her alone. Julia could have run away from Jack but she didn’t. I think she knew Jack liked her and she was real nice to him.

On Sunday it was raining but we didn’t care. We were playing chase and having fun. Julia is so fast even I can’t catch her. She was racing around the yard. When she made a turn, she slipped on the sidewalk and skidded hard on her rear legs.

All the people ran to see if she was ok. She wasn’t ok. She was hurt. She rubbed a lot of skin off her legs and could hardly walk. The rest of us dogs knew something bad had happened. Julia limped into the house and curled up on a dog bed.

Julia’s people got her to stay quiet. They put bandages on her where she was bleeding. We all felt sad that she hurt herself when she was having such a good time. It was really tough on Jack.

Julia went to the hospital. She got an x-ray. It showed she had a broken toe. The doctors put her in a splint and bandaged the deep wound. Her people took her home and put her to bed. The next morning she felt better and has already learned how to walk with her splint.

Julia in Bandages

Us house dogs think Julia would like some get well barks. You can send barks to asher@barkingprose.com. There’s also a link under Send A Bark. I’ll make sure she gets them.

Give your own dog some extra hugs today. Life is fragile. One minute you’re having fun and then you’re not. Think about it.

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  1. etta on May 5, 2010 at 7:00 am

    Julia says hi, and thank you for telling her story. She’s getting around quite well now and keeps pulling me towards the park where all the squirrels are.

  2. Pippen on May 6, 2010 at 9:43 am

    I am so glad Julia is feeling better. I was there on Sunday when she had her accident. My mom and I came out to play and it was such fun. I met Julia and King and another new dog, Sherman, who is visiting while his people are away. I liked Sherman because he would play tug with me a little bit. None of the others will play tug with me.

    I didn’t quite understand what was going on when Julia had her accident. We were all out running and playing in the rain. I was trying my best to keep up with the big dogs, even with my short legs, but we were having such fun. The people were all saying that Julia runs so fast and then all of a sudden the people got real quiet and all of them went running to Julia. I followed with Asher and Tess and everyone else, but I was confused why Julia was laying on the ground when she had been running so happy just a minute before. All the people looked sad and worried, even my mom.

    They took Julia in the house but me and all the other dogs had to stay outside. We were looking in through the glass doors not knowing what to do. King was upset because he is Julia’s pack mate. Finally Julia’s people put her in the car and took her and King away. All us other dogs then got to go back in the house. I sniffed the bed Julia had been on and then I understood right away that she was hurt. Not too bad, but still she was hurting. I’m sorry Julia got hurt. She was nice to me, even though I am the short and stubby dog. My mom says Julia is getting better and I’m glad. Maybe I will see her again on my next visit to Asherpark.

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