Yesterday we were looking at the Old Dog Haven site. Jack’s picture is in the Final Refuge section. There’s a write-up about him. Jack just got posted a few weeks ago and already there are SIX different people sponsoring him. I showed it to Jack. He couldn’t believe anyone would want to help pay for his care. He still thinks he’s funny looking and doesn’t understand why people like him.

Check out the Old Dog Haven website. You can link to it under “Sites We’ve Marked” on the left side of our home page. Click on Final Refuge. You have to go all the way to the bottom to find Jack. The pictures load slow but it’s worth the wait.


Jack has a heart of gold. He’s honest and solid and predictable. I didn’t really like him when he first joined our pack, but the more I’m around him the more I admire him. He had a tough life before he came to Asherpark but he never complains. He waits his turn for meals and treats. He sits real still for his eye drops even though he doesn’t like them.

All he wants is to know where our mom is. Once he fell asleep and when he woke up he got all panicky ’cause he couldn’t find mom. He was racing all over the house and slipping on the bare floors. I started my emergency bark to let mom know there was a problem. She came running and saw what was going on. Jack couldn’t hear her so she had to be careful not to spook him.

She touched his tail so he would turn around. As soon as he saw her he ran over and put his face against her shoulder. I thought he was going to cry. Mom held him for a while until he calmed down. Tess licked him to make him feel better. I tossed him a ball. Jack’s a good man. I’m glad he’s part of our pack.

I think Jack could be a poster dog for Old Dog Haven. When people get to know him and realize he might have been put down if it weren’t for Old Dog Haven, they’d want to support other old dogs. I’m gonna see if I can’t get some more publicity for Jack. If you got any ideas about how to do that, let me know, okay? Hey thanks a lot. Gotta run.

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