Of Dogs and Goats

Pepper & Cartman

Remember I’ve been barking about the party we had?  Well there’s a lot more to bark about. Some people brought their own dog pack – three lady Labradors. My mom says they’re no ladies, but they are girl dogs.

Their boss used to be a photographer before he became something else. He sent us some really neat pictures. Look at Pepper having a close encounter with Cartman. The goats really like people and dogs. Well, they don’t like me  much cause I chase them back to their house. But the goats like to meet new dogs.

Dogs and Goats

Here’s Tess, Sherman and Maggie  chatting up Cartman and Leroy. It’s a waste of time. The goats don’t have much to say. They’re too busy eating everything in sight. It makes my mom so mad when she’s working around the goats. They grab her hair and pull the buttons off her jacket. Once they peed in my dad’s tool bucket. He’s still mad about that.

I gotta show you my favorite picture. It’s me and my ball. Notice all my paws are off the ground! That’s why they call me flyboy. If you click on a picture it will jump to a bigger view. That way you can see how high I was flying. See ya.

Asher Airborne

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