We’re Glad


Remember Julia? She hurt her foot when she was at our dog party a couple of weeks ago. She got her cast off this week and she’s hardly limping. This is an old picture her mom took when she was smiling. I’m using it cause we’re all smiling with her now.

It was really hard to see her hurting. We all wanted to make her feel better, but we had to stay outside so we didn’t step on her and make things worse. Jack really hopes she’ll come back to see him.

Julia is lucky. Not only was she rescued by really neat people, but she has the best dog pal. His name is King. He and Julia play a lot together. While Julia was mending, King stuck by her to cheer her up. Here’s another picture Julia’s mom took. See what I mean? There’s King sleeping right next to Julia.

Julia and King

It’s kinda hard to know how to look out for us barkers. We need to run and have fun, but if we’re not careful or we land wrong, we can get hurt bad. Once I jumped over our fence and landed on my brother Abel. Whew! That knocked me cuckoo.

Seems like life is full of risks. You never know how things are gonna turn out. Mom took a risk when she chose me. I coulda been a real pest. HaHa. I am a real pest. See what I mean?

Come back soon Julia. We’re real glad you feel better.

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