Old Dog, New Trick


When the weather started getting warm, I asked Jack if he liked ice cream. “What’s ice cream?” he said. The poor guy never tasted ice cream before. I ran and told mom. She got a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and put it in Jack’s mouth. I thought he was gonna cry.

His eyes got real big and he started slurping, then he ran his tongue out as far as it would go. He licked his lips forever and his eyes begged for more. Mom went to the store and got us Frosty Paws. It’s perfect cause it’s for dogs and there are four cups in each box – just right for me, Tess, Jack and Sherm.

Next thing we all had to sit in a circle. Mom knew Tess and I could handle the ice cream by ourselves, but Jack and Sherm needed some help. So mom held the cup for Jack and dad held it for Sherm. Tess and I took our cups out in the grass and held them with our paws. It was real quiet for about five minutes while we licked our cups dry.


I remember the first time I tasted ice cream. I still had my baby teeth. I thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world, and still do.

My mom knows a man who grew up on a farm. He is 94 years old. She asked him what his family fed their dogs when he was a kid. He said the dogs ate leftovers, and on a hot summer day everybody got ice cream, including the dogs. Pretty neat, huh? Gotta run. That fool neighbor dog is way too close to our fence.

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