Farewell, My Friend


The big man is going home today. He’s been in our pack for a month. Even Jack is gonna miss him. Me too. When he first showed up Jack freaked out. He thought Sherm was here to take his place. But Sherm was just visiting.

It’s tough to be without your people for a whole month. There were times when Sherm was lonesome. I could tell from the look in his eyes. Other times he had fun playing with us. Sherm and me played hide and seek. He played bump and run with Tess. Lots of times he dribbled his tennis ball by himself.

When Sherm first got here he didn’t like waking up at 5am. One morning after a dog party he wouldn’t get up – not even to eat his breakfast. But now he’s used to the 5am start time. I wonder how his people like waking up that early???

Sherm brought some cool stuffies with him. Mom told his people I might destroy them. MIGHT? I ripped up the turtle the first week. I showed Sherm how to do it and he finished it off. There are two stuffies left – the polar bear and the hedgehog. I think I’ll hide one so it stays here when Sherm goes home.

Once you’ve let somebody in your pack, it’s like you’re friends forever. Sherm can come back anytime. He’s always welcome. See ya, buddy!

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