A Magical Day

May 11, 2010


Mom wouldn’t tell me where we were going. She said it was a surprise. I didn’t care where we went, I just wanted to be with my mom. Just me and her. Lately she’s had to spend a lot of time with the other dogs. She says I have more confidence and I’m not so needy. When somebody has to stay behind to babysit the new dog, it’s usually me.

We took off early. It was already sunny. After a few hours we came to a fairgrounds. There were horses and other dogs and then I saw him – my little brother Zag! We started yipping and jumping and carrying on. The people around us were laughing.

At the Lake

Before I knew what was happening we were in the car together. There was a lake and we got to play ball and swim for hours. It was so much fun.

People say Zag and me are like twins. I don’t know. He has a longer nose and is scared of laundry. I’m more stocky and am scared of sudden noises. We’re both pretty easy going.

Zag got on the wrong side of Tess last time he stayed with us. We got to get that worked out next time he comes to visit.

I gotta show you one last picture. Zag has this tiny little brother named Rhett. Here he is at the lake with us. He’s small but he’s brave. He even went swimming when his mom put him in the water. Maybe we can find him a little ball he can fetch.

The Brothers

When we were so tired we could hardly swim anymore, Zag and Rhett went back to the fairgrounds and I rode home with Mom. We stopped and got me a burger – no onions. I slept until the car pulled into the driveway. The other dogs sniffed me all over. They knew I’d had a special day. In fact, it was magic. I’ll remember this day for a long time. See ya.

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  1. Pippen on May 11, 2010 at 7:57 am

    Wow!!! What fun — Ash got to see his brother AND go to a lake and fairgrounds AND eat a burger. I think I would like the fairgrounds, but I don’t know about lakes. I’m not a swimming kind of dog like Ash and Zag and the other big dogs are. But I’m glad Ash had a good time and got to play with his brother.

    I have a surprise for Ash that he doesn’t know — I’m going in the car in two days to see his other brothers, Abel and Arrow. They live far away with my mom’s sister, so it will take us all day to get there in the car. My two pack mates, Kona and Huck, are going too. They are old and grumpy and sleep all the time, so they are no fun. But I am real excited to see Abel and Arrow. They play with me and we have lots of fun. Maybe Ash will let me tell about my weekend with his brothers when I get back home.

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