My Adventures


Mom says I’m finally growing up. I’m not sure I want to. She’s not sure she wants me to either. She wants me to be well behaved, but she loves my goofy side a lot.

When I was still a baby my litter mates did everything in a group. Mom said it looked like a pile of puppies with feet. They went everywhere together, except for me. I started exploring as soon as I could walk. First the closet at my birth home, later anywhere I could get to.

When we lived in the city mom spent hours trying to keep me inside the fenced yard. I never tried to dig my way out but I would squeeze under if I could. The place kinda looked like a junkyard with all the stakes pounded along the fence line – just for me, she used to tell me.

When we moved to the country I was a year old. I was crazy for adventure. There were new smells everywhere. I spent days sniffing the fence line looking for a way out. It didn’t take me long at our new place to find all the weak spots in the fence.

Once in a while she caught me half way under the fence or climbing over a low spot, but usually she found me missing when she called for me. Oh, she tried her best. She made me report about every five minutes. Ha! Once I found a weak spot I could be gone in a flash.

We don’t live near any busy roads, so she isn’t worried about me and cars. But we do live near coyotes. And there’s a lynx out there somewhere, not to mention the neighbors goats. One time she kept calling me, but I wouldn’t tell her where I was. So she started looking for me across the ravine. She spotted me in with the goats next door.

I pretended like I couldn’t jump over the fence, so the neighbor was going to open the gate for me. But mom said if I got myself in there I could certainly get myself out. Mom was getting pretty steamed at me looking at her from the wrong side of the fence, so I decided I’d better get going. I said see ya to the goats and cleared the fence with at least a foot to spare.

The neighbor lady gasped. She didn’t think I could do it. Mom wasn’t laughing, so I knew I’d pushed my luck. Funny thing is mom always says you can’t scold a dog for coming when called. Besides I knew if I washed her face she’d get over it. She was just worried that something bad would happen to me.

After an adventure I usually behave myself for a while. It’s different now that I have Tess. She’s my pal and I’m happy to hang with her. Mom says I’m like some old married guy.

But once in a while I can’t help myself. I get that urge to see the world. I got out yesterday and had a fine time. But instead of mom having to hunt me down, I just waited at the front gate for her to let me back in. I guess I am growing up. Oh well, gotta run.

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