Jack’s Eyes


See how Jack’s eyes look? His eyes are kinda weird. That made us worry maybe he couldn’t see very well. Our regular vet said Jack has dry eyes. So Old Dog Haven paid for Jack to see an eye doctor in Bellingham.

Jack got to go for a long car ride with mom. They were gone most of the day. Jack loved it cause he didn’t have to share mom with the rest of us. He came home with red stuff around his eyes. He looked like he’d been crying red tears.

We got good news about Jack. He does have dry eye but there isn’t any damage to his eyeballs. He gets drops in his eyes twice a day for two months then once a day for two months. Then he goes back to the eye doc to see how he’s doing. I’m hoping to ride along with him next trip. Heard he got some special treat in the car on the way home.

Did you know dry eye problems can make a dog blind? The eye doc said it makes scars on the cornea and it hurts plenty. We’re all really glad Jack hasn’t been hurting. He doesn’t like the eye drops but he’ll do anything to please mom. It’s pretty silly. She shows him the eye medicine each time. Jack closes his eyes like it’s gonna hurt. Mom puts a drop in each eye and kisses him on his funny snout. Then Jack opens his eyes and kisses mom. Goofy, huh? Gotta run. That neighbor dog keeps barking her fool head off.

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