Into My Own


With each day my confidence grows. Though my countenance suggests otherwise, I am in fact deeply content with my life at Asherpark. My Lady, as I call her, has become the focus of my existence. The youngsters call her mom. I prefer to call her My Lady, since she did not raise me from a pup.

She often takes me with her in the car because I behave myself. I don’t bark at dogs on the street and will ride for hours without complaint. Ash is good in the car too, but he gets restless after a time. Tess is impossible, constantly seeking attention and insisting on the front seat.

Last Saturday My Lady drove to town and took me with her. She was in need of a massage, having wrestled with the heavy lawnmower and us dogs the past week. Upon arriving at our destination, I was invited to accompany her. I was profoundly honored. While the therapist pulled and prodded her aching muscles, I lay quietly on the floor on my blanket. I didn’t make a sound. I tried to stay awake lest I snore and annoy her.

Afterwards she hugged me and told me she was very proud of me, that I was a wonderful dog and she loved me with all her heart. I felt a tear in the corner of my eye. Did she know how much her words meant to me?  I trembled with joy. I didn’t know what to say, so I very gently licked the tip of her nose. Whenever I do that she laughs and says to me, “Jack, you kissed me!”

When we got home she told everyone what I had done. Ash was really happy for me. He said it showed how much I was trusted and that I should feel proud. Tess pouted a little because she’d never been invited into an office, but she was glad I was happy. We all had a treat and took our toilet outside. I lay down for a nap and fell fast asleep. Ash said I must have been dreaming because I made happy little snortle sounds in my sleep. It wasn’t just a dream. It’s a dream come true.

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