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See me in the truck? See me laughing? I’m soooooo happy when I get to ride in the truck. My papers from the shelter say I’m an Aussie mix, but I have the devious mentality of a Border Collie. I’m manipulative and cunning, but ever so sweet.

Mom says I’m passive aggressive. I don’t think I’m that smart, but maybe….. I make sure I’m always the center of attention. When I’m asked to do something I don’t want to do, I start this kissy-kissy thing. It works on everyone but mom. She tells me to stop it and mind my manners.

Yesterday a cute boy dog came to visit. I put my ears up as high as I could get them. It’s the way a girl shows interest. Then we did a two-step around the living room. It was so much fun. Ash didn’t care. He was busy playing ball. Jack was on the couch next to mom. We all had a good time.

It’s pretty slow today. We’re all missing Sherman. He’s a lot of dog to miss! It’s raining and nobody feels like doing much. Mom’s gonna take Ash and Jack for a ride. I’ll stay home and sleep on the couch until the boys get back. Maybe I’ll clean my nails and bark at the goats. Sometimes it’s fun when not much happens. That’s about it. Respectfully, Tess.

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