My Feelings

Jack and Tess

I asked Ash if I could write the DailyBark for today. I told him I had some things I wanted to bark about. Ash said that was fine with him. He wants me to bark more anyway.

I had a pal named Butch where I used to live. Butch was an okay guy, but we didn’t have the best life. Nobody paid much attention to us. We had fleas and didn’t smell good. We hung together because we only had each other.

Now I’ve got Ash and Tess. Ash and I ride together all the time. We go to the store or visit friends. Ash says we can’t go as much when it gets hot so I’d better enjoy our rides now. Sometimes Tess and I go in the truck together. She always sits up front.

Tess lets me play a little bump and run in the yard. My mom laughs at the silly look on my face when I’m havin’ a good time with Tess. When people come to the house they seem to like me. I think it’s because I don’t carry on the way Ash does.

Yesterday I thought my world was ending. Some people came to the house with a great big dog named Sherman. He’s bigger than me and Ash together. Tess made nice with him. Ash ignored him. I shadowed him around the yard barking the whole time. He’s real laid back, so he didn’t seem to care.

Then his people left without him. I got scared. I asked Ash if I had to go to make room for the big guy. Ash said his people are on vacation and they’re coming back for him. I’m not sure. He brought all his stuff – his bed, his toys and lots of food. I follow him and mark over his mark. I’m uneasy. I hope he goes home soon.

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