We’re Mad


Tess is not happy. See her giving mom the stink eye? She had a bath today and she thinks she’s being picked on. I tried to tell her that us guys had our baths last week. You’d think a little princess like Tess would want a bath. But she’d rather get dirty digging under fences.

Tess was real good in the tub. She didn’t try to get out. Her fur is super thick so it will take hours to dry. She’s scared of motor sounds. That’s why we can’t help her out with a blow dry.

Jack is the best in the tub. He likes all the attention from mom, so he stands real still to please her. I wiggle a lot and try to back away from the water.

If anybody has reason to be peeved, it’s me. See this silly picture of me? See the stupid white strip in the middle of my head? Mom said I had to wear it because I swiped her labels and tore them up. Obviously I didn’t tear them ALL up since I have one on my head.


It didn’t hurt or nothin.  But I did feel dumb wearing it. Mom took it off when she stopped laughing. So Tess isn’t the only one with something to be mad about.

Now it doesn’t matter so much. We got to play in the rain. The neighbors aren’t home so mom let me bark at their dog longer than usual. Tess is playing up her sad face for all it’s worth. At least she scored some extra treats for us. I’ve almost forgotten why we were mad. Time for fun. See ya.

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