Party Time


Yesterday we had a party. Well, sort of. See the yellow dog sitting behind the big guy? Her name is Frieda. She belongs to our good friends. She was in day care with my people when she was a puppy. Codie helped raise her and taught her how to play like an Aussie.

She just turned 13. Can you tell she is a Golden Retriever? Her people insist on giving her a hair cut. Nobody who sees her can figure out what kind of dog she is or what she’s supposed to look like.

Frieda’s really nice. She’s the best behaved of all of us. But when she comes to Asherpark she gets to bark in the house. She talks with her mouth full. I guess because she’s a retriever she always wants to haul a stuffie around with her.

She didn’t like me when she first met me. Maybe it was my puppy teeth. But when she stayed with us for a whole month she decided I was ok. She plays bump and run. She tries to catch the ball too. That’s pretty funny. She can’t catch a fly ball. Really.

Did you notice Jack isn’t in the picture? He’s still feeling out of sorts because Sherman is staying with us. It’s good for Jack to have company. That’s the way it is in our house. Somebody’s always coming or going. Jack just wants them to go.

We’re havin another party today. Three Labradors and two Shelties. One of them is my pal River, the puppy. Party time! Gotta run.

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