Happy Birthday Little Brother


It’s April First. My brother Zag was born on Fool’s Day. I think that’s why he’s such a silly little fellow. Here he is with his ball at the beach. He can’t really swim, but he sure can splash a lot.

Zag is a great guy. I’m glad he’s my brother. He has responsibilities. He takes care of his mom and little brother Rhett. Here’s a picture of Rhett. OMG it’s true. Rhett really is a Chihuahua.


Zag and Rhett come to Asherpark whenever they can. We have to be careful not to step on Rhett. Mom started calling Rhett the “Little White Thing” and now we hardly remember his real name.

Zag is so weird. He’s terrified of laundry. He crawls into a corner and hides his eyes when laundry is folded. Me, I love laundry. In fact, I’m known as the laundry thief. One time our neighbor came over. Nobody was paying any attention to me, so I ran and grabbed my mom’s dirty underwear from the laundry basket. Oh boy! I got lots of attention when they saw what I had. HaHa!

Zag went to a horse show last week. He gets to stay in the trailer and go everywhere with his mom. He doesn’t bark at the horses. I can’t wait till he comes back to Asherpark so I can teach him some bad habits. Happy Birthday Zag! See ya.

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