Life Is Good


Remember when you were little and life was exciting? Everything was new and smelled so good. Waking up was fun. Breakfast couldn’t come soon enough. Who knew what the day would hold.

I’m four now but I still think life is lots of fun. Turns out my name means blessing or happiness. It comes from the Bible. I’m not religious but I do respect the beliefs of others.

I like the idea that many many years ago someone named Asher was promised a happy life. I don’t know if his life turned out that way or not. But maybe if we all lived our lives expecting good things, we could overlook some of the sorry stuff that happens.

My friend Tess didn’t always have it so good. She was a stray and spent time in the shelter. When she first came to Asherpark she ran around in circles. But after being with us for eight months, she’s changed her ways. Now she’s happy.

Tess and Asher

Tess and I are lucky to have each other. We play together a lot. Sometimes we just hang out and wait for the next chance to bark. She didn’t know how to play when I met her.  It’s been fun to watch her learn.

Tess and Ash

She’s gotten real good at tug, but she has to take a bigger bite if she wants to win. She says she doesn’t care who wins. She just wants to play. Maybe we should all be that way. See ya!

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