The Past



A call came yesterday from the shelter where I did time. It was the animal control officer who seized me from my previous owner. My new people wanted to know my history and had asked to talk to the officer who investigated my case.

The officer said there was a complaint that animals were living in filthy conditions. With a warrant, the officer entered the house and found me, five small dogs, lots of cats and my pal Butch.

I didn’t care much about housekeeping, but the officer said we could not stay there. The people who lived in the house did not take out the garbage. They didn’t clean the cat box or pick up our poop, so the odor was terrible. We were all taken to the shelter. Butch and I were put in the same cage. I couldn’t see well because my eyes were nearly glued shut with infection. The officer said we all had fleas and my skin was damaged from scratching.

The authorities brought charges against my owner for neglecting us. She had the right to get us back if she went to court, so Butch and I were held at the shelter for a long time. She never came for us. In fact she never showed up for court so there’s still a case against her.

I don’t remember much about the lady who used to own me. She wasn’t mean to me. I don’t remember being kicked or beaten. But she never put me to bed at night or told me that she loved me. That came later, in my new home.

The shelter doctor gave me medicine for my eyes. My skin healed up when the fleas left. I felt a lot better and had plenty to eat. As long as I had Butch things were tolerable. Then one day Butch left. I don’t know where he went. I hope he went to a place where they treat him right.

The weeks dragged on forever. I hated living in that cage. Then one Saturday morning the shelter staff told me I was going on a big adventure. They put my leash on me and walked me to a car. They said good bye to me and wished me well.

I got in the car with another dog and we rode for a long time. Pretty soon we came to a stop and a man and woman took my leash and led me to their car. The next thing I knew I was at Asherpark about to begin my new life.

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