Chew On This


I have a friend who is a service dog. His name is Cody. He belongs to a person who knew me when I was a puppy. My mom used to take him to work when his boss was sick. He wore his service dog vest and got to go to all sorts of neat places. This is him with some funny teeth my mom gave him.


For a while my mom thought I could learn some service dog tricks because I like to carry things around in my mouth.

I don’t really want to be a service dog. Oh, I like to bring her all her shoes from the closet. She laughs and says thank you. Then I start after the laundry. She’s still laughs and tries to tell me no. When she ignores me I grab the TV remote or the phone. She says “No, No Asher” but she can’t stop laughing. That makes me happy.

One time I brought her a kitchen manual. She grabbed that right away so I figured she really likes paper. When I picked up the her tax return things really got silly.

People call me the juvenile delinquent. But it’s all in good fun. When somebody’s really sad I make them laugh. When they’re happy I’m happy too. Life is good. I’m glad my mom lets me be silly. Cody gets to be silly too when he’s not working. Maybe you should try being silly once in a while. It won’t hurt you. Gotta run!

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