A New Soul


This is River. He is very new to the world. When this picture was taken he was just a couple of months old. Do you see the ball in his mouth? He learned to love the ball on his very first visit to Asherpark. River and I are gonna be good pals.

River ran and played for hours at our dog party. Us older barkers wanted to take a break, but he just kept going. His manners are very nice. He played with us when we let him, but he knew when to leave us alone. Even when he got closed out of the house, he waited at the door without scratching or jumping.

At the Door

River has a brave heart and will have the gift of courage throughout his life. He will bring his person great joy. River will live in the mountains and learn the smells of the wild. He will hike with his person and grow strong.

River has the neatest dad a dog could have. And my mom is River’s god mom. How good does it get?

See ya.

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