Family Fun

The Mouth Game

Next month I’m going to see my brother Zag. I always have a good time with Zag. Here’s our picture when we played the mouth game. It’s a fun game but you have to be a little careful or somebody might get hurt.

I only play the mouth game with Zag and Tess. Nobody else knows how to play. It sounds really scary but it’s not. It makes Jack nervous even though he’s deaf, so we go to the garage to play.

We also play tug. Mom took this really cool picture that makes us look like space aliens with glow in the dark eyes. Neat, huh?

Ash and Zag

My little brother could live with us except he hates laundry and my mom does a lot of laundry. We’d have to put Zag in the garage when laundry gets folded. We already have to put Tess outside when the vacuum is on. She’s afraid of the mop too.

This is a goofy bark. I’m feeling pretty laid back. Just sort of letting thoughts float through my mind. Not much else to say. Think I’ll go swipe a sock. See ya.


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