My Second Week


People come and go from the house. The older son left and was replaced by his two younger brothers. They were both very nice to me. At first they joked about my weight, but soon they were taken with my personality and began to see my value. At night I was allowed to sleep with one son in the garage apartment. He is a heavy sleeper and my snoring does not disturb him.

I had another bath today, this time in the tub instead of the shower. The man washed my rear end and my lady washed my face and ears. She said I hardly smell anymore and my skin seems a little better. She feels so sad that I have scabs and scars from the many years of skin problems, but I’m not concerned. I feel much more comfortable. I hardly scratch or chew myself anymore. Perhaps when my coat grows back I will be more attractive to the lovely Tess.

Asher was wild all weekend. He loves the sons and constantly brought them toys. He steals dirty laundry and shoes. When the people weren’t looking he swiped the remote for the TV. He jumps the fence to hang out with the goats. He never sleeps during the day. Tess sleeps on the couch. I sleep on one of the dog beds in the main room. I am beginning to feel more secure about my circumstances.

The lady tells me I have no bad habits. I don’t jump on people or scratch them with my paws. I don’t pull on my leash. I will sit for a biscuit or my food bowl. I don’t bark at anyone who comes to the house. They think I am nearly deaf. Perhaps I am, but it really doesn’t bother me. I do admit to having difficulty seeing in the dark, so the lady always brings a flashlight when we take our evening walk.

I’ve heard my next bath will take place during the Monday night football game. Perhaps that is significant. I just try my best to cause no one any trouble. I will do whatever is asked of me. After all, I am a guest in a new home and I wish to be accepted.

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