Day Five


They told me I was going to see the vet. I didn’t believe them. She put the leash on me and started to lead me towards the car.  Where was I going? I didn’t want to go to a new place where I would be afraid all over again. Had I done something wrong? I panicked and pulled as hard as I could. I sat down and went limp. They struggled to lift me into the station wagon. We’re they sending me away because they didn’t want me?

We drove for about twenty minutes. I could hardly catch my breath. Then the car stopped. They left me in the car alone for a few minutes. Soon they returned and I was walked into an office. It smelled of dogs and cats and medicine. They put me on the scale. I was so embarrassed. I wouldn’t look. Eighty two and one half pounds, the receptionist announced to the entire waiting room. Everyone gasped in disbelief.

Oh I must look like some hideous thing. Obese, hairless over much of my body, with skin lesions and bumps everywhere. Maybe they would put me out of my misery. Surely no one would want me in this condition. I felt faint. I sat down. I expected the worst.

Next came the vet tech. She asked me to pee into a plastic dish. I refused. They violated me by sticking things in my private places. After amusing themselves by looking under my tail and in my ears, I heard the tech say everything was normal.

I was just starting to relax when the doctor entered the room. He had a pleasant way about him. My lady told him I was a mess. The vet agreed but said I could probably be saved. They took my blood. I was very brave, they said. I did everything asked of me. They said they wished all the dogs were as good as I.

Then they all stood up. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I so wanted to go home to the lovely Tess. The man took my leash. Come on big boy, I think he said. It’s time to go home. I could hardly believe my ears and feared my weak hearing had deceived me. Home? He said home… Did I really have a home? Was I really going back to Asherpark, to the beautiful Tess?

We walked out of the office together. The man holding my leash, my lady with a collection of antibiotics, anti-fungals, ear drops, and medicated shampoo. I didn’t care how many pills I had to swallow. They could put drops in my ears forever, and three baths a week or once a day. I would do anything to have a home.

I tried to help them get me into the car but my legs were weak and I collapsed like a sack of potatoes. They carefully lifted me into the car and arranged me so I would be comfortable. I fell asleep during the drive, and when I awoke I was indeed at Asherpark. There was Tess to greet me. I was home to stay.

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