The Second Month


It must be a special time. They put up colored lights and my lady is in the kitchen more than usual. That’s fine with me because I have an urgent need to know where she is at all times, and when she is in the kitchen I do not have to get up and down to follow her around the house.

She laughs at me and tells me that I look too serious. I’m not sure what she means. I have always been an introspective dog. I often had too much time to myself and learned at an early age to develop a life of the mind. Having been in and out of shelters in my early years, I allowed myself few expectations. A warm place to sleep,something to eat, the kindness of strangers was all I could hope for.

When my lady took possession of me in November, I prepared myself for the worst. As old and fragile as I was, I had to learn to live a new life. The Aussie twins perplex me. They race around the yard barking at imaginary sounds. They play tug with a dirty old rope. Tess uses her feminine wiles shamelessly. She always wants to go for a ride with anyone who will take her. I prefer to stay with my lady.

I mastered the routine of the household after several weeks. Breakfast is served at 6am; the evening meal is usually around 5pm. The twins pester my lady relentlessly for their evening meal. How she puts up with them, I don’t know. I am required to take six short walks each day. Sometimes when I see the leash I run to my bed. But in the end I go for my walk because it pleases my people. The twins race out ahead while I walk sedately in search of a suitable spot for toilet.

At bedtime I move deliberately to my assigned spot. My lady makes sure I am comfortable in my soft bed and then she tells me stories to help me sleep. On Christmas night the man told me that he loved me and I would stay with him and my lady forever. He said that was my Christmas present and we would work out the details of my adoption in the new year. I was so overcome with joy I could not respond. I had just received the most wonderful gift – the gift of love and a forever home.

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