Day Three


How my life has changed. I no longer sleep until mid morning. Apparently the woman is used to getting up early and the house dogs expect their morning meal by 6am. We all eat the same thing – kibbles made from duck and sweet potato and the food she cooks for us. Ash calls her home cooking the bucket. I call it heaven. It seems to be a mash of brown rice, vegetables and the most wonderful meat I have ever tasted. It’s like canine caviar.

There is a discipline to feeding times. Ash eats first in the privacy of the mudroom. Tess eats next in a corner of the kitchen. And finally it is my turn. I am sequestered in the pantry where I can take my time and enjoy every bite. While I adore my food, I am a slow and tidy feeder. I like to take the food from the bowl and chew it thoughtfully before swallowing. My portions are rationed and I feel a little lighter already.

The son tested me to see if I have any food aggression. He could have asked me and I would have told him I don’t, but he wanted to see for himself. So while I was eating he sat on the floor with me and played around my food. I stepped back, thinking he might want some himself. He laughed and handed me a morsel. He lifted my bowl up and held it briefly. I sat down and looked at him, wondering what he was doing. After a few moments he returned my bowl to me and I continued to eat. He praised me for my very mellow disposition and called me buddy. I like him.

Yesterday the woman took me on a walk. We walked all the way down the road and back. I enjoyed it. She walks slowly and lets me sniff when I want. I am very good on the leash. I rarely pull. Usually I walk a foot behind on her left side. I think once upon a time I was taught to heel, but I am not sure. I surprised everyone by walking nearly half a mile. I almost feel like I have a little more spring in my step, but it may just be that I am getting over the terrible sadness and confusion of losing my people.

Last night we had a guest dog. She is a long time friend of my new people. Asher and Tess were very happy to see her. At dinner we all picked a spot under the table and slept while the people ate. I do not beg from people while they eat. That would be rude. I do forget myself in the kitchen and beg a bite or two, prancing up and down and wagging my tail. But if I am asked to stop, I do. I was very well behaved around the guest dog. She was nice to me and I was equally pleasant to her.

Today I shall visit the vet. The woman collected my morning stool. This is such an odd habit some people have, but she assures me it is necessary to see if I have alien creatures living in my gut. I have adjusted to my new food and my stools are fairly solid. She is pleased with that. Because I am still heavy I will have to be assisted into the car. The man of the house is coming with us to the vet, so he can lift me. I hope some day to spring into the car like Asher, or at least climb in under my own power.  I suppose only time will tell, but for now I am content to have found a home where I have company and am treated well. I will tell more as time permits.

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