Day Two


I didn’t realize the severity of my own condition until I saw what other dogs could do. Asher races around the property as if he has wings. The lady lovingly calls him flyboy. Even Tess can run. She can’t leap the low fences like Asher, but she almost keeps up with him when they run. I can barely lift my aching old haunches off my bed.

I suppose I am at least twenty pounds overweight and my joints have been complaining for years. The lady is most concerned about my incessant scratching. I am ashamed to admit that when she first encountered me, I stunk terribly. I am proud to report that I had no toilet accidents my first night. I was walked more than I wished, but I know it was to make sure I had emptied my bowels and bladder.

I was allowed to sleep in the master bedroom with the other dogs, but because my snoring is so loud, I have been asked to sleep on my pad in the hallway. The door is open so that if I become afraid or have to ask to be let out, I can approach the sleepers.

My adventure in this new home continues. I have made good progress. I am comfortable with my circumstances. The lady worries about my itching, but I have been this way for so long, I hardly notice. I will write more after the vet has seen me, but for now I am hoping for a long and happy future at Asherpark.

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