What’s In A Name?


Journey, it’s such a lyrical and unusual name. People ask us all the time how Journey got her name. If Mom thinks the question is sincere, she will explain why she chose the name Journey. Otherwise she just laughs and says it’s a secret.

The story of Journey and her name predates my time at Asherpark, but I’ve heard the story so many times I know it by heart.

Long before I was born Mom was blessed with a dog named Asher. For years Ash had a girlfriend named Tess. They were called the evil twins and did everything together. Then Tess got cancer and died. Ash was really sad without Tess and wasn’t his silly self any longer.

Mom saw how unhappy Ash was and knew she had to find Ash a pal, so she went back to the farm in where Ash came from. She told the farm lady she needed a girl puppy for Ash to raise. The lady said one of her best dogs just had a litter and there were several girl puppies available.

While Mom was talking to the farm lady, one of the little girl pups climbed out of the whelping box and went on an adventure all by herself. It was clear this little puppy had a strong spirit and would be a perfect match for Ash.

Baby Journey

Young Journey

The puppy was too young to leave her mother, so Mom drove home and waited until the little girl could come to Asherpark. Mom was trying to decide what to name the puppy, but none of the names she came up with seemed right.

One night Mom was in a deep seep when she had a dream. She didn’t know who was talking to her in the dream, but a voice said “Name the puppy Journey.”

The voice repeated the same command another time.”Name the puppy Journey. Her name will remind you that life is a journey.”

Mom woke up from her dream and remembered every word. She couldn’t figure out where the voice came from, but she knew it was a sacred message and she had to do what the voice told her. Two weeks later little Journey came to live at Asherpark. And now you know how Journey got her name.

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