We Are One Now

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Did you ever want something so bad you couldn’t even talk about it? Just thinking about it made your heart ache?

Since Mama and Shiloh showed up three years ago all I ever wanted was for us to get along as a pack.

When you’re a pack you move together, you think the same thoughts, you know what to expect from each other.

But from the beginning there was trouble between Shiloh and Tess. It got so bad we had to separate into two packs.

I went back and forth between the two camps but Tess and Shiloh always had to be kept separate.

After Tess died it was just me and Shiloh. We were a pack but a pack of two mutts is pretty lame. We needed at least one more soul to make a real pack.

Journey arrived last summer and I thought my prayers had been answered. But Shiloh took a big dislike to little Journey and bit her. So all of a sudden we were back to living separate lives.

Journey was so little she didn’t even understand what was going on. I asked Shiloh why she bit Journey but she wouldn’t tell me. It wasn’t the way things were supposed to be. I could play with Journey or Shiloh but the three of us could never play together.

I watched mom moving gates and dogs. She looked so tired and sad but she put on a good face for us mutts.

Then one day something happened. Journey slipped past a gate and trotted right up to Shiloh. Journey was wagging her butt and doing play bows to show Shiloh she wanted to be friends.

I started to get mom because I didn’t want Journey to get bit but Shiloh nodded to me that it was okay. Shiloh lay real still and let Journey sniff her all over. Then Journey stood still while Shiloh sniffed her.

When they were done sniffing butts Journey gave Shiloh a quick lick on the snout and lay down next to her. And that’s how my heart’s desire came true.

Journey and Shiloh

Journey and Shiloh

In that moment we became a pack again. I was silly with happiness. Now all three of us mutts can run together. We can chase the sound of coyotes and bark at the neighbor’s dog together.

When we move, we move as one. It’s a beautiful sight: us three mutts trailing alongside mom as she moves from one chore to another; us three mutts all snoozing in the same room while mom reads.

I’m so happy I think my heart is gonna burst!





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