I Did It



You can rest assured it wasn’t my idea to go to dog school. I was willing to ride along when Journey went to puppy class but that’s as close to school as I wanted to get.

While Journey struggled through her classes, I’d sleep in the car. Afterwards me and mom would take a nice walk together.

One day out of the blue mom told me I was gonna take an advanced class for canine etiquette.

“You gotta be kidding,” I muttered under my breath. “That’s the last thing an old mutt like me wants to do.”

Out came my old training collar that I haven’t worn in years. I thought mom got rid of it a long time ago but she had only put it out of sight.

I quick polished up my slow walk and pretended I was happy to be going to class with youngsters half my age.

Truth be told I never was in a formal training class. I was home schooled and then forgot most of what I learned.

Living in the country you don’t need great leash skills. Mostly you have to come when called, leave the livestock alone, and mind your manners.

But there I was learning fancy new dance steps, where to stand when I met a new person, how to greet another dog on a walk. Much ado about nothing, though I have to admit it was kinda fun.

The weeks flew by with me mastering every trick they threw at me. The instructor was real nice and didn’t get in my face the way she did with the younger dogs. She said she didn’t want to insult me or make me feel uncomfortable.

Before I knew it we were ready for the final exam. Our class met at a local shopping mall. We fanned out across the mall and had to go in different stores all the while being polite and walking nice on the leash.

I had a great time. Mom said I did everything right. I even stayed by myself while mom went to Starbucks for a latte. I was a little nervous but I could see her the whole time so it was okay.

Now I can go shopping with mom whenever I want. She knows I can be trusted to mind my manners. Maybe we’ll go hang out at some outdoor coffee shop this summer and watch the people walk by. Life is good. Mom’s happy and so am I!



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