The Journey Home

Journey with ToyFor weeks we’ve been waiting for my puppy to get old enough to leave her home and come to Asherpark.

She was born at Chandrea Farms in eastern Washington, same place I was born. Her father is my stepbrother, so I guess that makes me her half uncle.

When the day finally came to get Journey I begged mom to go with her, but mom said I had to stay home with Shiloh. Something about it being too long a drive and too crazy for the puppy if I was in the car messing with her.

Mom took off by herself to go fetch my puppy. She told me it would be late the next day before she returned, and I should concentrate on finding my old toys for the puppy to play with.

The hours dragged by. I kept looking at the clock. Why couldn’t I hear the car coming up the gravel road. Where were they??!!

And then I heard them. The distinctive sound of mom’s old car turning down our driveway.

I held my breath and said a quick prayer to Tess. I thanked Tess for all the good times we had together and asked her to help me raise my puppy to be brave like her.

When I saw Journey I let out a roar of a bark that terrified her. She ran back into her crate and huddled in the corner.

I felt so bad, I got down on my belly and crawled into her little space. I licked her all over and told her how happy I was that she had come to Asherpark.

I promised Journey I would take good care of her and teach her everything she needed to know. I whispered that I had been waiting for her forever and we were going to be soulmates.

It didn’t take Journey long to forget my big bark. She wiggled out of her crate and jumped on my head. I lay down so she could sniff me all over.

Journey on Ash

Then Journey ran to the pile of toys I set out for her and grabbed my most favorite tug toy I had when I was a puppy. She wrapped herself up like a princess and gave me a big smile.Journey in her Robe

I guess you could say it was love at first sight. After all these years, I had my own puppy. The thought of days ahead with Journey at my side brought tears to my eyes. Then she jumped on my head, grabbed a mouthful of fur, and the games began. It’s gonna be a good life, Journey, I promise.




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