I’m Not Happy



I hate to rain on Asher’s parade, but the addition of Journey to our pack is quite unfortunate.

It’s true she’s cute as a bug and looks so much like Asher that all I see is two blue blurs racing around after each other.

But for heaven’s sake. I spent my first two years at Asherpark avoiding Tess, who could not abide my insistence on growling at her.

Even though she terrorized me whenever possible, I had a fondness for the red girl and miss her petulant ways.

After Tess died, life was so peaceful at Asherpark. I could come and go as I wished, never having to look over my shoulder or wonder if Tess was going to launch.

Then the mindless puppy showed up. I know mom hoped I would welcome Journey and perhaps even play with her.

Two years ago I think that would have been the case. I played wildly with a puppy in my foster home, but that was then and this is now.

I’m older, sick with an anal gland tumor, missing my Mama, and contemplating the end of my life.

To make my dislike known, I bit Journey on her second day at Asherpark. Such a pitiful wailing from the little pup, you would have think I killed her.

It’s true, I did draw blood, but puppies are resilient and she healed quickly.

That nip resulted in the only real scolding I ever received at Asherpark. Mom pointed her finger at me, looked me in the eye, and read me the rules. I was to leave the puppy alone, and mom would make sure separation was maintained.

That was the best possible outcome. I didn’t want the mouthy little thing anywhere near me.

So once again we are living separate lives at Asherpark. Journey and I take turns being free in the house, with Journey limited to short periods. I get the lion’s share of house time, a benefit of my age and fragile condition.

Mom says it’s not so bad right now because Journey can’t run free in the house anyway. Journey spends a goodly amount of time tethered, which helps with her training.

I pretend I have no interest in Journey, but at night when she is crated I slip onto the bed next to her and watch her sleep. She is an incredibly beautiful little pup.

If the truth be known, I am glad there is a new life at Asherpark. Things were so sad as one dog after another died of illness or old age. We lost three dogs in nine months, including my own mother.

Perhaps I will live long enough to see Journey mature. It would be nice to see her blossom into her adult self. I wish her a long and healthy life. I know she has already brought much happiness to Asher.

Good luck, Journey. I mean you no harm.

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