Double Trouble

Tess and Ash

Yesterday Tess did a long Bark about having her own person. Because she was a stray and spent time in the slammer, she has this insecurity about life. She worries when we get left home alone. She worries about fireworks and thunderstorms.

Me, I had a better start in life. My parents planned my birth. I was born way out in the country up in northeast Washington. There were horses and lots of dogs. My birth family had a teen age girl who put me inside her jacket even before my eyes were open.

My chosen mom found me when I was five weeks old. I remember her holding me on her lap and whispering in my ear.

When I was seven weeks old I moved to Seattle and met my Aunt Codie. I’ve always had a family. I never spent time in the slammer. When scary things happen, my mom holds me and tells me not to be afraid. Then she shows me there’s nothing to worry about.

Codie was thirteen when I came home. She wasn’t thrilled to see me and warned me away when I was rude and too crazy. But after I got my adult teeth, we became fast friends. I loved Codie so much.  It never occurred to me that one day she would leave me.

I begged mom to let me cross the bridge with Codie, but mom said it wasn’t my time. Then I was alone, the only dog in the house.

I started acting real strange. I followed mom everywhere and cried if I couldn’t be right next to her. I pestered her constantly. I was nervous and jumpy.

A few weeks after Codie left us, mom held me real tight and asked me to pay attention. She said I was lonesome and needed a girlfriend. I knew I was lonesome, but I didn’t understand the girlfriend part.

Soon mom loaded me in the car and we drove to a bad part of town. A young woman walked up to us with the most beautiful redhead girl dog I’d ever seen. Mom started talking to the woman, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the redhead.

The girl dog seemed to like me too and started flirting with me. Next thing I knew me and the redhead jumped in the back of the car and drove back to Asherpark.

That beautiful redhead turned out to be my girlfriend, Tess. We had to give her a new name and clean up her hairballs, but it was love at first sight.

The first few weeks were a little rocky. Tess didn’t have the best manners and attacked me over food and toys, but we got that all sorted out.

For the past three years me and Tess have had the best time together. I taught her how to play with toys. She taught me how to open a door. Now everybody calls us the Twins. When we’re really bad they call us the Evil Twins.

Me and Tess want to thank our mom for arranging our life together. It’s the best!

Ash and Tess

Tess and Ash



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