Christmas #2


Yippee!! I made it! Today is a big milestone for me. It marks my second Christmas at Asherpark and my one year anniversary of the day I was officially adopted into the pack.

Last summer nobody thought I had a chance to live until Christmas. Each special occasion was like some big achievement. Could I live until mom’s birthday in September. Could I make it to Halloween.

Less than a month until Thanksgiving and finally could I hang on until Christmas. Well, I did and here I am.

The other mutts told me I had to do the Christmas Bark. I kinda worried about that. Should I try to write something profound? Should I bark about how life is strange and full of change?

While I was stewing about what to bark, Ash flopped down next to me. “Nellie, write what’s in your heart, that’s all you have to do,” he said.

Wow, that’s easy. My heart is full with one big word. Grateful!

I’m grateful for the second chance I got at Asherpark. I’m grateful for people who love me and think I’m special. I’m grateful for my yummie food and warm bed. I’m grateful for my pack, especially Ash who knows my heart. I give thanks to the universe that I made it to my second Christmas. I will be forever grateful.

If I could make just one wish come true, I would wish that every old, sick, discouraged, lonely, worn out dog like me could have a second chance. Me, Nellie, the throw away dog that nobody wanted found love at Asherpark.

Maybe you could give a sorry mutt like me a second chance. Believe me, a second chance dog never forgets their rescuer. That worn out stinky old mutt might just become the best friend you ever had.

Here are some mutts waiting for their second chance. Old Dog Haven Adoptable Dogs  If you can’t take one into your home, maybe you could give a few bucks to Old Dog Haven. It could be the best money you ever spent. Thanks for reading my Bark. All us mutts at Asherpark wish you the very best of days to come.



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