My Special Friend


I was so excited. My special friend Liz came to see me last week. Liz has sponsored me through Old Dog Haven and she sends me treats to share with the other house mutts.

Ash tried to prep me for when I first met Liz. He told me I should walk right up and give her a little bump with my nose. Ash even gave me a couple things to say in case I got tongue tied.

I’m not a party boy like Ash. I’m not a diva like Tess. And I’m certainly not petite and vulnerable like Nellie. I have strong feelings but I can’t express them.

People who know me say I’m soulful. Everybody thinks I’m sweet and gentle and kind. Maybe I am all those things, but it’s still hard for me to communicate.

I know Ash was pulling for me. He really wanted my time with Liz to be something special. I did too, but knowing that Liz was my sponsor made me even more shy.

I wagged my tail and then beat a retreat to my bed when she arrived. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, but I always hung back and let the other mutts soak up the attention.

I followed Liz wherever she went. She is so lovely, I could hardly believe she had come to see me.

When she went to her room, I guarded her from the hallway. When she sat outside, I stood at the threshold and watched her.

Jack and Liz

Liz made me feel good about myself. She said it was okay to be shy. She said next time she came up I would feel more comfortable around her.

How could she know what I was feeling? It’s like she looked into my eyes and read my heart.

I guess that’s what it means to have a special friend. Somebody who accepts you for who you are. Somebody who encourages you. Somebody who makes you feel loved from the tip of your tail to the bottom of your paws.

Thank you, Liz. You really are my special friend.

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