Blue Eyes

Me and Nellie are Blue Dogs. I’ve barked about that before, but I’ll explain it again in case you weren’t paying attention.

Aussies come in lots of different colors. I like to think us blue merle dogs are the finest color. Codie was blue. Me and Nellie are blue.

Codie had soft amber eyes the color of honey. Mom used to call her Princess Amber Eyes.

I was born with Paul Newman blue eyes. People see me on the street and say, “Look at his eyes!”

Nellie has a blue eye and a brown eye. It’s hard to know which eye to look at. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking trash about Nellie. It’s just the way she is.

Nellie doesn’t see so good, and everybody assumed she was blind in her blue eye. It turns out her blue eye sees pretty well but the brown eye doesn’t work anymore.

Nellie gets lost real easy because she only sees one side of things. Mom has learned how to be her guide, making sure Nellie doesn’t fall or get stuck in a corner.

In this silly short bark I tossed together this morning, you’ll see two pictures. One is me, the other is Nellie. Do you know which blue eye belongs to which dog?


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