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I’m so proud of Ash. He just turned six a week ago, but he has an old soul. What he did for Nellie on Valentine’s Day was really special.

Early on Valentine’s Day Ash woke up to hear Nellie crying. He asked her what was wrong, and for the first time since she came to  Asherpark, she poured her heart out.

Seems Nellie has been thinking about her life and how she’s not got a lot of time left on this earth.

Nellie has been such a trooper since we got her. Never cried with all the pain she was in. Never asked for anything, just grateful for the kindness we showed her. Loves her grub but won’t fight over it. Always waits her turn.

Even though she’s an old dog, Nellie still has feelings. She remembers when she was young and the boy dogs thought she was beautiful.

She still wonders why her people let her get so sick and filthy. Why didn’t anybody give her a bath and brush her beautiful coat?

Nellie told Ash she always wanted to be somebody’s Valentine. She wanted to feel special. She wanted to know she was loved.

When Nellie woke up on Valentine’s Day she got real sad. Time was running out. This might be her last chance to have a Valentine.

Despite her best efforts to keep her feelings to herself, Nellie couldn’t stop crying. When Ash asked her what was wrong, it all came tumbling out. Nellie picked the right mutt to tell.

Ash would be kind to anyone. But I know when Ash looks at Nellie, he sees his beloved Codie. He told me once Nellie and Codie get all mixed up in his head and heart. He still aches for Codie and when he can do something for Nellie, it’s like a little bit of Codie is still with him.

I saw Ash lick the tears off Nellie’s snout. I quick buried my face in my bed so Ash wouldn’t see I was crying too. How can you not feel Nellie’s pain?

Haven’t we all been lonely? Haven’t we all wanted to be special? We don’t know Nellie’s history, but we do know it wasn’t good.

But things changed for Nellie when Old Dog Haven saved her life and she came home to Asherpark. Yeah, that’s right. Home.

Home to a pack that let her move right in. Home to good food and warm beds. Home to silly rituals and bedtime stories. Home to people and mutts that care about an old worn out Aussie named Nellie.

When Ash told Tess about Nellie, Tess really stepped up to the plate. Valentine’s Day was supposed to be her big date with Ash. But it was Tess who told Ash it was okay to make Nellie his Valentine. And so he did.

Nellie was so proud. She giggled like a little girl. Nellie loved the card and flower and turkey neck Ash gave her.

When the day was over Nellie asked us all to come close. She had something to say.

Nellie said she never dreamed she could be so happy. She thanked each of us for letting her be special for a day. While me and Ash were shuffling our paws and wondering what to say, Tess spoke right up.

“Nellie, you are special,” Tess said. “We hope you will still be with us on Valentine’s Day next year. And if you are, you are going to be princess for the day.”

With that Ash started barking and running circles around the room. Tess and Nellie quick got out of his way. I dove into my bed just as Ash flew over top of me. You go Ash! You go with your silly wonderful self.





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