Family Time

The Pack

Us four mutts got loaded into the Volvo. We didn’t know where we were going. We didn’t care either. We just wanted to go.

Usually it’s just me and who Jack who go, but lately mom’s been bringing everybody.

Tess would rather ride in dad’s truck. She likes to sit in the front seat and act like a big shot.

Yesterday when Tess saw the rest of us were going somewhere in the car, she wanted to go too.

Our friend the reporter took this picture. It took three people to get us lined up right for our family portrait. Yeah, we forgot to look at the camera, but at least we’re all in the picture.

You can see in the picture that me and Tess are tethered. That’s to keep me from flying around the car when I see our dumb neighbor dog and Tess from crawling over everybody to get to the front seat.

Jack is so good natured. He doesn’t care who is in the car as long as he’s along for the ride.

See little Nellie poking her snout out? She’s so good. When us big mutts step on her she never complains. Nellie is soooooo happy when she gets to go for a ride. We gotta take her more even though it’s hard on her lifting her in and out.

Yesterday Nellie tried to leap for joy after the car ride. She fell over but we all knew she was happy.

Family time is always fun. Nothing big happens. We go for a drive, see the sights, bark at dogs along the way, and snooze. There’s always a treat. One time we stopped for ice cream. Oh man, that was good.

Yesterday we met our friends out in the country. The people had lunch while we waited in the car. When the people came out they had huge doggie bags of treats. Yumm, we smelled that all the way home.

Funny, after a family trip we’re all kinda relaxed. We had early dinner. Jack and Nellie fell asleep. Tess watched tv, and I watched for our fool neighbor dog to come out.

We went to bed early and dreamed of our fun time in the car. Sweet!








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