Foolin’ Around


I’m pretty easy going except for when I have to get after that fool neighbor dog, Zoey. Then I run the fence and bark real ferocious.

Tess says I act like I’m insane, but I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m telling Zoey to get back from my fence!

I’ve worn quite a path along the fence. Yeah, the people put down gravel and bark to sop up the mud, but after a big snow or days of rain it turns into a bog.

That’s perfect for me because I love the slip slosh of my big paws in the mud. But it’s not okay with my mom.

She always says the same thing when I come back to the house covered in mud, “Oh, no!!!” If I wouldn’t get in trouble, I’d sass her back and say “Oh, yes!!!”

Then we go through this little ritual. Mom grabs a handful of treats. We walk over to the tub in the garage. She tells me to hop in. I jump right in and she tosses me a cookie.

It doesn’t take long in the tub. Once the water is nice and warm she showers me. It actually feels kinda nice. I love to watch the mud run down the drain. When the water runs clear, I know we’re almost done.

Then mom tells me to stay while she gets the towel. She always forgets to bring the towel into the tub room. I dutifully stand dripping clean water in the tub while she rubs me with an old towel.

Something about cleaning me up makes mom get all sappy. She wraps a towel around my head and pretends I’m an old lady with a scarf. This last time she made me out to be some ancient pharaoh from Egypt.

She calls me her Asher doll and takes pictures of me looking silly. The whole time we’re both laughing and having fun.

When I’m pretty dry I get to shake in the tub. If I do it just right I splash mom from head to foot. She laughs and lets me out of the tub. I quick roll on the old rug and then sit for the last of the cookies she has in her pocket.

When we go back to the house the other mutts are all waiting for us at the door. Jack is worried that something awful happened to me. Tess is mad because she didn’t get cookies. Nellie can’t figure out what’s going on.

Meantime mom quick looks at her latest pictures of me. Yup, she got me again looking goofy.


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