Birthday Reflections


Today is my birthday. Today I am six years old. So are my brothers Abel and Arrow, who live with mom’s good friend Carole.

So much has happened in my life already. I was born in the far northeast corner of Washington. My birth family lived in the country with horses and lots of other dogs.

Somehow my true mom found me when I was five weeks old. She claimed me and paid a ransom for my release. When I was a couple of months old I took a long car ride with Abel and Arrow to the big city.

Me and my two brothers lived in Seattle for a year. It was fun. Lots of noise and people. Lots of stuff to bark at. Every morning I went to the off leash area where I could run and be crazy.

After I turned one year old, we found Asherpark. Nice to have your own space in the country. Five acres with lots of smells. Chickens, goats, mice, coyotes, hawks, eagles.

I wasn’t always the best behaved mutt. When it was just me and Codie, I’d get bored hanging with an old dog and take off on adventures. Before we got the fence fixed there were lots of places I could get under or over. I’d go into the ravine and chase smells till I got tired. It worried mom a lot, but I sure had fun.

Codie died in 2009. I was so lonely. I pestered mom constantly to play with me. Mom got Tess to keep me company. Tess had been a stray and needed a good home. Me and Tess had a few tussles when she first got here, but now she’s my best pal.

When mom retired we all decided to take in old mutts through Old Dog Haven. Darcy was our first old mutt. He was really nice. Never bothered anybody. It was really sad when Darcy got terrible sick and we had to say good bye to him.

Next we got Jack. If you’ve read my barks, you know what a tough guy Jack was when he showed up. It didn’t help that he had no manners. It’s amazing what time and love will do. Once Jack knew he had a place forever and he was accepted into the pack, he turned into a big softie. Now he cries like a baby if he doesn’t get what he wants.

We got Nellie ten months ago. I thought mom had lost her mind bringing home that little stinky fur ball. We all gagged when Nellie tumbled out of the car. But with some meds, a bath and good food, Nellie turned out to be a little jewel.

Nellie’s a blue dog like me. She reminds me of Codie. I lie next to Nellie a lot and pretend that me and Codie are back together again. I see mom looking at me and Nellie and we’re both happy and sad at the same time. Oh man, I still ache when I think of Codie.

Mom worries that when I get older I won’t be so goofy like I am now. I’m the only one in the pack who can make her laugh. Mom says laughing is the best feeling in the world and she doesn’t know how she could ever get along without me.

Now that I’m grown up mom can count on me. I come when I’m called. I’ll stay in my place when somebody comes to the door. I even heel off leash when we visit the goats.

I coulda done that a long time ago, but it didn’t seem very important. Now I know how happy it makes my mom, I do whatever she asks. Well almost. I still steal her underwear and prance around the room until she chases me. But that’s part of making her laugh, so we’re both okay with it.

Because it’s my birthday Jack and me are going for a ride. Then I’m gonna get a super big frozen turkey neck this afternoon. Yumm.

I like birthdays. You get to be the center of attention. You get special treats. Everybody makes over you like you’re something special.

I’m hoping my brothers get something special too. Here’s a big shout out to Abel and Arrow.

“Happy Birthday Brothers!!!”

Arrow and Abel


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