Me and mom were going through some of my puppy pictures last week. She spread a bunch of them on the floor and asked me to pick the one I like best. Here it is. That’s me channeling my inner self.

I get tired of always being Mr. Nice Guy. Yeah, I get along with most mutts. I let Tess boss me around. I don’t fight unless some other mutt starts it. I love everybody who comes to visit.

I even let mom pick me up and rock me like a baby. But inside, I’m Mr. Tough Guy. See for yourself. Pictures don’t lie.

Maybe you wonder how come I had on my best nasty face. Okay, I gotta confess. I was playing with my pal Libby, the Labrador. She outweighs me by thirty pounds. When she gets tired of me running circles around her, she sits on me.

Have you ever had an eighty pound sack of concrete flop down on your head? That’s what Libby does to me. Sits right on my head so I can’t get my breath. It takes me a while to wiggle out from under her butt. One time she let go a stinker while she had me pinned. Oh man, I got out of there in a hurry.

Anyway, to show her I was tough and wasn’t going to be her seat cushion, I put on my special bad self face. Mom just happened to be there with her camera. Bingo! Immortalized for all time and proud of it. What’s your favorite puppy picture? Send it to me and I’ll post it in the next bark. Promise!

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