Oh man. I gotta apologize big time to my readers. We haven’t posted a bark for almost three weeks. That’s just not okay.

Yeah, we got plenty of excuses. Technical difficulties with the computer. Mom had to troubleshoot a lot of stuff to get us back online. Then mom hurt her shoulder mowing the heavy grass in October and didn’t feel like sitting in a chair editing my barks.

Then I got kinda lazy and out of the habit of doing a DailyBark. That’s how we ended up in this big mess. Mom says when you screw up the best thing to do is admit it and tell people you’re sorry. Well, I screwed up and I am sorry.

Now we can move on and get to the fun stuff. See me in my headset? I’m learning how to bark my barks instead of doing the hunt and peck thing on the keyboard. Best of all, mom tells me I can bark out loud over the internet. Watch out world, I got things to say!

Hey, so this is what’s coming up in the next few barks: How I learned to leave the goats alone. Why Jack has more confidence now. The poop zone. Training with my mom, and deaf dog country.

I been watching the TV news and they always tease you with what’s coming up next. I know it makes you stick around for the next segment, but sometimes it really annoys me. I promise I won’t do that stuff very often, but since I’ve been offline a while I want to make sure you’ll come back and see what’s new at Asherpark. Come check us out again, okay?


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