Halloween was my favorite day when we lived in the city. Little kids would dress up in funny costumes and come to our door. They were all hyped up on sugar candy and I was all hyped up because the door bell kept ringing.

Codie had to go upstairs because she couldn’t stop barking. I was just a pup then and was more interested in jumping on the kids and grabbing their candy. Mom tried to keep all my four paws on the ground but it didn’t work.

The bigger kids laughed when I stuck my snout in their candy bag. Oh man, some of those kids sure had a lot of loot. One time I snatched an apple from a kid. Mom was horrified but the kid didn’t want the apple anyway.

Now we live in the country and nobody rings our door bell on Halloween. I really miss all the chaos. Mom tells me how happy she is not to have us dogs yapping like a bunch of fools.

Jack and Nellie don’t understand Halloween, so I told mom we had to do something fun with them. We’re gonna get a couple of little bags and put dog biscuits in them. Then when Nellie and Jack come to the front door me and Tess will spring out of the shadows and scare them. After they get over being scared, mom is gonna give them each a little bag of treats.

Tess says shes wants a bag of treats too, but she already knows about Halloween. Treats are for the mutts who never got to trick or treat.

Later we’re gonna make a little fire outside and watch the moon. If we’re lucky the owls will howl and the coyotes will talk trash to each other. The people will probably have something hot to drink and us mutts will get another treat or two. Mom might even lead us in  howl fest. I hope so. She sure looks silly when she howls.

Anyway, that’s what we got planned for Halloween. Maybe you and your mutts should do something fun too. See ya!

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