Lost In Place


I always thought I was of average intelligence for an Australian Shepherd. I was smart enough to stay alive for many years. But now I’m not so sure.

When I went to see the eye doctor she told mom I have some cognitive dysfunction. Well who wouldn’t? I’m totally deaf and really can’t see much at all. My head sits crooked with my good eye pointed down at the ground. You try walking around like that and see how good your cogs function.

Mom noticed I get confused by reflections. I try to walk into the mirror and through the glass door. Maybe we didn’t have mirrors where I used to live.

Yesterday I got to feeling really down. If mom turns right and I look left, I lose sight of her. I usually walk in the wrong direction and she has to chase me down. When she taps me on my butt I still can’t find her. She’s started carrying a feather duster so she can reach me quicker. It tickles, but I don’t mind.

At night I walk around in circles. Each time I spot mom on the couch I wag my butt and smile at her. She signals for me to come see her, so I walk right up to her for some special pets.

Pretty soon I start my circles again. When I come back to mom it’s like I’m seeing her for the first time. Maybe having a good memory isn’t always that important. Maybe all you have to remember in this world is who loves you.

I may not know how to navigate through the mirror but I know how to find love. You start by letting people touch your heart. Then when you get lost they come find you. It’s kinda like you’re lost in the right place. I know I’m lost right where I want to be.

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