Zag and Ash

Today my brother Zag turns four. He’s always been younger than me because he was born the year after me. That means he’ll always be my little bro, no matter how old we get.

Me and Zag were the only blue dogs in our litters. Being that we both have the blue merle color, we look a lot alike but we’re also different.

Zag’s nose is longer than mine and he has brown eyes. I’ve got the fading gene that makes my brown hair color wash out. His brown hair is still dark.

We sure have a lot of traits in common. We’re easy going guys. We love to play ball and the mouth game. We each have a girlfriend that we’re crazy about. And we are both sort of momma’s boys.

Me and Zag stick tight to our moms. We don’t always do what they tell us but we never let our moms get out of sight for too long.

We’re already planning our next trip to the beach. It’s so fun to leave the other dogs behind. We only have to take Zag’s little brother Rhett with us. Since Rhett is a Chihuahua he doesn’t take up much space in the car.

I’m real proud of Zag. He’s a good brother and the best friend I could ask for. All us mutts at Asherpark are wishing him a big time happy birthday. Way to go Zag!






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