Spring Break


I’ve been slackin. We had a few days of really nice weather and I forgot to do my barks. There is plenty of news and lots to bark about, but I was busy having fun.

What’s the most important thing that happened last week? I learned how to catch a frisbee! Better yet, mom learned how to throw it to me.

We call it the dish. I like it so much I’ll even go hunt it up in the field and bring it to mom when she asks. My dish is made out of nice soft rubber so it doesn’t hurt my mouth.

So why the frisbee? My teacher Matt said ball was too easy for me. Oh yeah? Maybe he oughta try catching a ball in his mouth!

I know what he means. The ball usually takes a predictable bounce. Remember your physics? Angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection? Ha! Betcha didn’t know I’ve been hitting the books.

Anyway, it’s a lot harder to predict where the dish goes. Sometimes it catches the wind and floats away. Other times mom throws a bad hook and it comes back on me.

Yesterday I was so busy chasing my dish I ran right over Tess. She gave me a warning nip but all she got was air. I was in high gear running down my dish.

Thanks to Matt I’m learning new dance steps and catching my dish. You know what’s the best part? Mom does it all with me. Me and mom. I like that. Gotta run!




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