Today is Easter Sunday. I asked mom what that means. She said it is a holy day for some people.

I asked her which religions honor the Easter Bunny and why there are Easter egg hunts. She said it’s too complicated to explain.

Jack asked mom how come dogs don’t have religions. Mom said dogs are born with pure spirits and they don’t have the need to atone for their bad behavior.

Tess said she behaves badly sometimes and she’s sorry. Mom gave Tess a hug and said some bad things happened in her past that makes her act out. Now that Tess has been at Asherpark for two years, her badness is almost gone.

Yesterday was the first warm day since last year. We were outside all day mowing grass, planting the garden, tossing the ball and the frisbee. Mom even went out on her motorcycle.

Us dogs had the best time. We barked at the lawn mower and the motorcycle. Of course we barked at the silly dog next door too.

Mom gave us a great big dinner to celebrate the warm sunny day. She figured we’d run around all day and were probably extra hungry. We sure were!

Today the clouds are back and it’s a lot colder. That’s okay with us. We remember the warmth of yesterday and all the fun. Today we’re gonna rest up and think about how lucky we are.

Tomorrow we’re getting some poor old Aussie stray from the shelter. Old Dog Haven arranged to spring her from the joint just in time since she was on the end of life list.

We’re excited that we can help. It’s a way to give an old mutt another chance at life. Kinda like Easter. It’s a celebration of life starting over again. I’ll bark more tomorrow.





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