Camp Codie


I was a mere youngster of several months when I first went to Camp Codie for puppy day care. My people worked all day and didn’t want me alone.

Camp Codie was in the city in those days. Codie ruled her little universe and charmed everyone she met.

Because Codie was an Australian Shepherd and I a golden retriever, we had some early misunderstandings. I wanted to haul things around in my mouth. Codie wanted to play bump and run.

Being of a compliant nature, I put aside my retriever instincts and learned to play Aussie style. To this day I still remember how to play defense in pursuit of the ball.

Year after year I spent summers at Camp Codie. It was my second home, one where I always felt welcome.

As Codie grew older our play times became less vigorous, but we occasionally engaged in a brief and satisfying game of chase.

One day Codie took me aside and whispered that there was a puppy coming to Camp Codie. I was horrified. A sniveling, chewing, mindless puppy with a total lack of civility. Hideous.

Codie was not pleased either. She had been asked by her people to raise a youngster and she had reluctantly agreed. I was not there the day Asher arrived. Thank god! Over time I grew used to Asher and eventually took a liking to him.

When Codie turned fifteen her health began to decline, but she remained dignified and in possession of her wits. I was with her at Camp Codie on the last day of her life and wished her godspeed on her journey across the rainbow bridge.

Camp Codie is forever. It’s a place where people and dogs live in harmony, where you’re supposed to have fun, where the only rule is kindness. I’m coming back this summer. Maybe I’ll do another bark then.


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