Pack Politics

Ash and W

I can’t vote but I still have opinions. I think politics has gone nuts. It’s like politicians don’t care what’s right for everybody. They just want to get re-elected.

Mom comes from a mixed family. Her mother was a democrat, her dad a republican. They used to laugh cause they canceled out each other’s vote.

Mom said they never got mean about politics. I heard they had some pretty good arguments around the dinner table, but they were always nice to each other.

Somebody gave mom this George W doll a couple of years ago. I wanted to chew it up right away but mom wouldn’t let me.

Mom brings W out once in a while for me to look at. You can see in this picture I’m checking him out pretty careful. I kinda like the red boots.

In the dog world we don’t vote on our leaders. When the pack is in harmony there’s a natural order to things. Take our pack at Asherpark.

Codie was an only dog for most of her life, but she had lots of dog friends. She got along with everybody unless some mutt had bad manners. Codie wouldn’t stand for bad manners and put more than one male dog in his place.

Even though Codie was appalled that she had to let me in her house, we never argued over who was boss. Codie was older and set the rules. I never challenged her.

When Codie left us I was alone and lonely. I followed mom everywhere and pestered her constantly. That’s when mom found Tess and brought her home. Tess had terrible manners. She attacked me over food and stuffies. Good thing mom was there to insist Tess behave herself.

Mom told me I had to show some leadership. There would be other rescue dogs coming to Asherpark and I had to show them the ropes. Tess said she didn’t want to be the pack leader, so she was happy with me being boss dog.

When guest dogs come to play I’m the host. I show them where the toys are and where to pee. I’ve only had one fight with a guest dog. Some big shepherd jumped me before I could even say hello. She never got invited back.

Darcy was so scared when he got to Asherpark that he peed himself. I felt real sorry for him. Tess and I tried to make him feel part of the pack but he was too old and sick. He was only with us a couple of months before he got called to cross the bridge.

Jack was a handful when he arrived. He came from a bad home and then spent five months in the slammer. He acted like some big macho ex-con. He tried to muscle me around and kept growling. I was kinda scared of him at first. I kept looking at mom to make Jack be nice. It took a while, but now Jack is my good pal. Yesterday he gave me a friendly body slam when we were running. That was nice.

We’re a happy pack. Each mutt gets special time with our people. Tess rides in the truck. Jack and I go on errands with mom. Once a year I go to the beach with my brother Zag. Life is good. If us dogs could vote we’d keep things just the way they are. Gotta run!







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